About NatureFit Brands, LLC

about naturefit brandsNature Fit offers a complete line of premium quality nutritional supplements including natural vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, weight loss supplements and nutritional products.

We use only the finest and carefully selected ingredients to ensure product’s purity and integrity. Our products go through careful and precise process to make sure they meet all U.S. Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

On the labels of our products you can find all nutrition information you need, including Percent Daily Value – the recommended daily intake for each nutrient for adults and children over four years old, and information about how supplements affect the human body, so its easy to see just how a particular supplement may relate to your needs.

D-U-N-S# 079403076

NatureFit Brands LLC is 100% women-owned business.

Advisory Board

Kasim Rocky Hadzovic
General Manager

Dr. Aida Musabegovic
Columbia University
New York, USA

Dr. Devi Galopudi
Hackettstown Medical Regional Center
Hackettstown, NJ USA

Zorana Kepcija Popovic
Janus Marketing Group
Belgrade, Serbia

Our Partners

Janus Marketing Group

Serbia, Belgrade
Svetogorska 37

Marcus Stephen Harris

Trademark Attorney
Chicago, IL, USA

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