• Activate the SIRTI longevity gene
  • Provide rapid cell rejuvenation
  • Offer maximum antioxidant protection
  • Regulate AGE protein development

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The most and popular sources of resveratrol are in red wine and grapes.

Some people simply drink a glass or two of red wine each day in order to enjoy the health benefits of resveratrol. However, using a resveratrol supplement provides the benefits of hundreds, even thousands, of bottles of red wine in every pill. Resveratrol supplements are absolutely the best way to take advantage of the benefits of resveratrol.


Resveratrol is a grape extract that contains flavonoids, the beneficial ingredient found in red wine. Processes antioxidant properties shown to reinforce good immune system health. Helps fight the cell damaging effects of free radicals. One 100mg softgel contains more resveratrol than entire bottle of red wine.

Famous in Europe for its antioxidant power, Resveratrol is now becoming widely known in America as a reliable way to help fight the oxidative stress caused by cell damaging free radicals.

VitaGuard 100mg is another part of Nature Fit’s commitment to helping you bolster the health of your immune system all year round. With VitaGuard, you can enjoy all the health benefits of red wine – without the adverse effects of alcohol! VitaGuard is committed to using the finest organic grapes. The unique patent-pending extraction process enables preserving the integrity of the essential phytonutrients found in grape skins.

Additional resveratrol benefits include cancer fighting and weight loss. Also, it is believed that resveratrol works as an effective anti-aging ingredient. This is because resveratrol is thought to stimulate the SIRT1 gene. This gene is the one responsible for reducing fat stores during low calorie diets. However, stimulation of this gene also seems to help slow down the aging process. Further study is needed, but many people swear by the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol in their diets.